The Rising Popularity and Versatile Applications of Optic Risers: Exploring the Unity FAST Mount

The Rising Popularity and Versatile Applications of Optic Risers: Exploring the Unity FAST Mount

With advancements in firearm accessories and optics, shooters are constantly seeking ways to optimize their setups for improved performance. One accessory that has gained popularity in recent years is the optic riser, specifically the Unity FAST (Folding Armament Systems Technology) mount. In this blog post, we will delve into the rising popularity and versatile applications of optic risers like the Unity FAST mount. By understanding their benefits and potential applications, you can make informed decisions to enhance your shooting experience.

1. Increased Sight Height:

The primary advantage of using an optic riser, such as the Unity FAST mount, is the ability to achieve an increased sight height. This elevated position brings the optic closer to the shooter's eye level, allowing for a more natural and ergonomic shooting posture. By aligning the sight line with the shooter's eye, the riser minimizes the need for excessive head or neck movement, promoting better target acquisition and faster sight picture acquisition.

2. Co-Witnessing with Iron Sights:

Optic risers, particularly those designed for use with red dot sights, often enable co-witnessing with iron sights. Co-witnessing allows the shooter to simultaneously view the red dot and the iron sights in the same sight picture. This redundancy provides an additional level of confidence and backup aiming solution in case of optic failure or battery depletion. The Unity FAST mount offers a reliable and repeatable co-witness capability when used in conjunction with compatible iron sights.

3. Flexibility for Various Optic Heights:

Different shooters have varying preferences when it comes to the height of their optics. Optic risers offer the flexibility to accommodate various optic heights and personal shooting styles. The Unity FAST mount, for example, provides multiple height options through its adjustable riser configurations, allowing shooters to find the optimal setup for their needs, whether it's a low-profile optic or a higher mount for co-witnessing.

4. Quick Detach (QD) Capability:

One notable feature of the Unity FAST mount and some other optic risers is their quick detach (QD) capability. This allows for easy removal and attachment of the optic without the need for tools. The QD functionality facilitates quick transitions between different firearms or the removal of the optic for maintenance or storage. This convenience is particularly useful for shooters who need to switch optics between multiple rifles or prefer a compact storage solution.

5. Versatile Applications:

The applications of optic risers like the Unity FAST mount extend to various shooting disciplines and scenarios. Whether you're engaged in competitive shooting, tactical training, or recreational shooting, the increased sight height and co-witnessing capability can significantly enhance your shooting performance. Additionally, the QD feature provides adaptability for users who require rapid changes in their optic setup based on specific shooting requirements.

The rising popularity of optic risers, exemplified by the Unity FAST mount, showcases their practicality and effectiveness in optimizing firearm setups. By elevating the sight height, enabling co-witnessing, offering flexibility in optic height, and incorporating quick detach capability, optic risers enhance shooters' performance and convenience. Whether you're a competitive shooter, a tactical professional, or a recreational enthusiast, exploring the benefits and applications of optic risers can help you tailor your firearm setup to meet your specific needs and shooting preferences. Embrace the versatility and advantages of optic risers like the Unity FAST mount to take your shooting experience to new heights.
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