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TAS (Tegris Attachment System)

TAS (Tegris Attachment System)

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The exclusive Roque Concepts TAS (Tegris Attachment System). This laser cut, lightweight attachment system creates a molle system on the exterior of your Onyx Holster. Mount a tourniquet, or any similar item for easy access without the need for pockets or additional space.

Milliken Tegris® Thermoplastic Composite fabric is designed for heavy-duty, often dangerous work. This breakthrough material provides excellent protection against fragment, projectile or blast threats, while offering a lighter total weight than traditional thermoplastics and composites. Pressed into panels or compression molded into shapes, Tegris® can provide the desired structure and performance to withstand rocks, baggage handlers, shrapnel and other things life may throw at you.

  1. Impact Resistance - Superior impact performance over typical thermoplastic composites, even at -40C.
  2. Stiffness - Suitable for applications that need high stiffness.
  3. Weight Reduction - Consolidated construction based on low density thermoplastics allows for significant weight reduction compared to higher density, glass-filled composites
  4. Recyclable - 100% Polypropylene composition is fully recyclable.
  5. Excellent value - Integrated with other materials, Tegris® can provide additional weight and/or costs savings for equal or better performance.


All kydex, hardware, and Tegris are sourced and assembled in the United States

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